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Wagoner Attorneys like Matt Ingham provide serious, aggressive legal services for clients in the areas of Family Law. Mr. Ingham has been practicing for nearly ten years. To date, he has represented several hundred clients in the Family Court System.

Below is a short list of each type of case that Mr. Ingham and his staff handle. In order to help you along, it is advised that you read the brief descriptions below. After you have read them, then ask yourself the following question: ‘What type of case do I have?’

By better understanding your own case, you will be better prepared to call Mr. Ingham’s Paralegal. When you call, it is advised that you tell the Paralegal some of the facts about your case. It is also advised that you schedule a free consultation with Mr. Ingham in order to discuss your legal options. Once you have learned your legal options, then you will be able to decide if the time is right for you to file a case.

we provide divorce representation:

With regard to divorce, do keep in mind up front, if you are going through a divorce or about to initiate a divorce proceeding, doing so can be a real positive experience in your life. Yes it is true that divorce is difficult and yes it is true that divorce can be an expensive process, however, once you and your dead-weight, soon-to-be-ex part paths, chances are high that your life will be a whole more peaceful. This is especially true when you and your soon-to-be-ex are married, living together under the same roof, and are totally and completely miserable being together. Point being, the grass really can be greener on the other side!

Wagoner Attorneys like Matt Ingham focus almost entirely on Family Law. Mr. Ingham and his staff have handled hundreds of divorce cases over the years and are highly qualified to provide you with honest, straight forward legal advice about what your options are for moving forward (or not moving forward) with filing for a divorce. Further, Mr. Ingham has represented hundreds of clients in the Court Room, clients just like you, who need an aggressive, serious attorney who will fight for their rights in the Court Room.

If you are reading this website, and you are either going through a divorce, about to go through a divorce, or know someone who needs to speak with a serious, aggressive divorce attorney, then we recommend that you call us today at (918) 591-2565

we will fight for your children:

Child Custody Cases can be relatively simple and peaceful. Naturally, it is in the best interest of your children that your child custody case remain simple, peaceful, and be settled outside of the Court Room based on terms that are mutually favorable to both you and the other parent. Here at our office, Mr. Ingham and his staff are hopeful that each and every child custody case will remain peaceful for the sake of the children.

wagoner attorneysUnfortunately on the other end of the spectrum, a very high percentage of child custody cases turn into difficult, hard fought battles. Naturally, when a child custody case turns into a difficult, hard fought battle, the children are the one’s who suffer the most.

Regardless of where your case falls on the spectrum, in the event that you are reading this website and you are about move forward with a child custody proceeding, then we strongly recommend that you to make every effort to maintain peace and civility between you and the other parent. Doing so, in most cases, will greatly benefit your children.

Here at our office, Mr. Ingham and his staff have represented hundreds of clients in child custody cases that range from friendly to highly contested. If you are reading this website and either you or someone you know needs to speak to a Wagoner Attorney who will provide serious, aggressive representation, then we strongly encourage you to call our office at (918) 591-2565 to schedule a free phone consultation.

we can help with child support:

whenever you and your spouse file for divorce and you all have children together, you can assume that one of you will be awarded custody of the children and the other will be ordered to pay child support. If this is you, then you need make sure that your rights are protected so that you do not get stuck paying a large amount of CHILD SUPPORT.

we handle paternity cases:

In the event that you have made a child outside of wedlock, then do not despair. Oklahoma Family Law allows both parents to be awarded time with the child in cases where a child is made outside of wedlock. If you and the other parent are living separate, it is advised that you continue to communicate with each other civilly. Doing so will greatly benefit you all’s child. It is also advised that file for PATERNITY in the very near future.

we can provide ‘do it yourself divorce papers’:

If you need to file for divorce and are unable to afford to retain any of the Wagoner Attorneys, then Bulldog Divorce can help. Bulldog Divorce can provide you with the necessary legal documents in order for you to have a ‘do it yourself divorce’.

wagoner attorneys like Matt Ingham are here to help:

Instead of calling several different Wagoner Attorneys, you can just call Mr. Ingham’s Law Office. This is true regardless of whether you need to file a divorce, a paternity suit, or a modification. The number for Mr. Ingham’s Law Office is (918) 591-2566. When you call, be sure to tell the Paralegal that you want to schedule a free consultation. If you prefer email or tradition United States Postal Service, then you can access the Contact Page by clicking on the following link: Helping You Get Started

(918) 591-2565

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