Helping You Get Started

Starting your case is easy to do. Wagoner Attorneys like Matt Ingham offer free consultations. All you have to do is contact his office, Bulldog Divorce and request a free consultation. There are several ways to contact Bulldog Divorce. Below is the contact information.

  • Bulldog Divorce is located four minutes south of downtown Tulsa.
  • If you need the call Bulldog Divorce, the phone number is (918) 591-2565.
  • The hours of business for Bulldog Divorce are Monday through Thursday from 9:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.
  • Bulldog Divorce is closed to the public on Fridays.
  • If you need contact Bulldog Divorce by fax, you can call and request the fax number.

Helping You Get Started

Keep in mind that one of the many goals of Attorney Matt Ingham is to make your Family Law case quick. It is also one of his goals to keep your Family Law case simple. That being said, believe it or not, it is entirely possible for your case to be quick and simple. In reading those two statements you are probably saying to yourself ‘YEAH RIGHT!’ However, ‘quick’ and ‘simple’ can be achieved in your Family Law case. You will need to do your part and also make sure you hire one of the right Wagoner Attorneys.

Mr. Ingham has practiced law in the Wagoner area for years. To date, he has helped several hundred clients. Further, Mr. Ingham practices almost exclusively in the areas of Family Law. Family Law includes divorce cases, child custody cases, child support issues, and motions to modify. When you hire Mr. Ingham, both him and his office staff will be diligent when working on your case.

Things You Can Do To Help

In order to help keep your case move forward, there are many things which you can do to help . For example, you can open up a channel of communication with your spouse. That channel can be by text, email, or in person. That channel of communication will help facilitate settlement. Doing so will help your case remain simple and quick.

wagoner attorneysAnother example of things you can do to help your case, you can create a state of ‘reasonableness’ by taking reasonable actions toward your spouse. Keep in mind, the actions you take should be designed to keep your spouse calm . Further, the actions you take should be designed to avoid having your spouse ‘blow up’. The last thing one want is for your spouse to ‘blow up’ and become overly emotional.

It is advised, you should take reasonable actions which are designed to keep your spouse calm. Doing so, will likely increase the odds of you and your spouse remaining ‘on the same page’ about settling. When you both are ‘on the same page’, then the odds of settling are much higher.

Shopping Amongst Wagoner Attorneys

Another example of one of the things you can do to help your case is ‘hire the right Attorney’. Wagoner Attorneys vary greatly in their hourly rates and experiences. Wagoner Attorneys range from very expensive to very affordable. They also range from having decades of experience to having just passed the bar exam a year or two ago. As stated above, you should make sure you hire the right Attorney for you.

When shopping around amongst Wagoner Attorneys, it is advised that you should hire one who gives you confidence. This can be achieved by researching online reviews. Further, it is advised that you hire an Attorney who you are at ease working with. Lastly, it is advised you should hire an Attorney who focuses on Family Law.

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